Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Earrings For Evenings And Special Occasions

Photo courtesy of Avon/Star Studded Earrings Earrings Order # 451-063
Looking for some elegant earrings? Try this pair of earrings perfect for evening by Avon. These are 'star studded earrings' and you can order them using the code 451-063. Just call you favorite Avon rep or shop online (my web page is http://nancyvecchione.avonrepresentative.com). Free direct delivery code FS30REP for any $30 order.
   Photo courtesy of Avon/birthstone earrings in amethyst Order # 501-945
Avon also has some great birthstone hoop earrings on sale in campaign 3. At almost half price (save 46%) from their usually reasonable price which was $14.99, not $7.99. And you don't have to limit yourself to just your birthstone. Choose whichever colors suit your wardrobe and have a whole 'earring wardrobe' some to match every outfit and mood. Buy two and get a better deal yet! 2 for $12 and mix and match styles shown here.
So stop by and shop or have an Avon Party and invite your friends over to visit with your local Avon rep and try products in person. See you soon!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fight Flu With Avon Products

Fight the flu this season by using Avon's Antibacterial Hand Soaps and Antibacterial Gels. Avon's Antibacterial Hand Soaps and Gels are a refreshing way to kill germs as you cleanse. Not only does this liquid refresh your hands but it kills 99% of germs! Way to go Avon!
So fight flu (and other diseases) the easy way. No more icky bars of soap that are breeding grounds for bacteria in your bathroom or kitchen, instead get one of Avon's convenient pump dispensers of their antibacterial hand soaps in a variety of scents.
Or pick up one of their great mini hand gels in a convenient holder to carry with you wherever you go.
The gel comes in Vanilla, Pomegranate/Mango, and Cucumber Melon. Soaps come in Strawberry/Guava, Vanilla, Pomegranate/Mango, Cucumber/Melon, and Orange Blossom/Verbena. So pick some up from your Avon representative (that would be me) and keep you and your family free from flu this season!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Some things are amazing and this easy beauty trick is one of them. Use original PAM (yes that stuff you use to keep food from sticking to pans in your kitchen) and spray it on your wet nail polish. The oil in it dries the nail polish in a matter of minutes! Ingenious!
Yes, I know you can buy fancy machines to blow dry your nails but this is so much easier (and who doesn't have some PAM in their pantry?) Get ready to go out in minutes instead of waiting half an hour for nail polish to dry thoroughly. So grab an extra can of PAM the next time you are in the grocery store--you'll be using more of this great product in the future. 
It will give you time to use those great new nail colors you purchased from Avon more often. Avon has some of the greatest colors for the fashion forward. So if you're looking for new polishes contact your favorite Avon rep (that would be me) and you can order direct deliveries of Avon right to your door! No more waiting for deliveries from the Avon rep! Great idea!
Plus if you check my web site you'll usually find a code for free deliveries for $30 Avon orders you place yourself. This month it's even a better deal, it's free shipping on a $10 order (use the code SNOWY). Not sure if this is a nationwide code or just for reps in my area, but you can use it as long as you order from me. These codes change often, so check back here or on my web site for new codes.
Ah I do love Avon and their great sales! Order today and save a bundle. You deserve some pampering now that you've put away those holiday decorations so sit back and shop Avon (for you!) Some great bubble bath? Mmm...oh yeah! Oh and don't forget, grab some skin care products so you look as young next year as you do this year!
Questions about Avon products? Email me (see the little envelope on my Avon site) and I'll be happy to get back to you.     
Thanks for this tip from Real Simple. Anyone who isn't reading this great mag should pick up a copy at your local book store or grocery store or get your own subscription, it's one magazine that is worth the investment.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DIY Nail Designs From Avon

Nail Art Tutorial from YouTube.com Pink Addictive
Looking for a fun look for your nails? Have a few bright color polishes that will coordinate with your wardrobe but want to give them that extra pop? Here is a great way to do it!
Use two color swirl designs on your nails. Choose to do one nail on each hand or all your nails. Yes, it will take a little practice, but luckily for you, Pink Addictive has this great You Tube video How To Tutorial to help you through it step by step.
Have fun! Enjoy! And contact your Avon Rep (that would be me) when you need some of the hot new colors this year for your nails.
Each year Avon has the hottest colors for their customers, but not every Avon rep gives you this great info. Read my blog for future great nail ideas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How To Organize Your Avon Products In Your Bathroom

DIY Storage photo from Pinterest credit to Itsy Bits and Pieces
The brilliant minds at Itsy Bits and Pieces thought of this great do it yourself idea to help you organize your bathroom. What is that wooden shelf?
It's an inexpensive CD holder. Just turn it on it's side for great fast and easy DIY(do it yourself) storage for all your bathroom 'must haves.'
That includes all your Avon products. I can just see my hand soap (try the new winter soaps and lotions that provide some extra hydration for your hands in the cold weather.) Or toss your Frizz Control in here so that little tube doesn't end up in the bottom of your tub after your shower. Makeup brushes? Put them in their own holders (be sure to cover all brushes so they don't get covered with bacteria). You foot lotions and other foot care products. The list just goes on and on. You may just need to use two CD holders! One for labeled 'HIS' and one labeled 'HERS.'
For those of you who loved my DIY holder for all your nail polish, this project will probably make your day!
And no excuses for the non-crafty or tool handy out there. This project is so simple anyone can do it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

From Bare Face to Beauty Using Avon Products

Mark Product Touch and Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette

Do you love Mark by Avon Touch and Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette?  Or Avon Super Drama Mascara? See how master blogger/vlogger Julie Meyers-Pron uses these products in her daily makeup routine.

Super Drama Mascara

Julie went from bare face to beauty so her followers could see the transformation most of us go through on a daily basis (even if we're just headed out on our day to day routines.) Sometimes there is nothing like seeing a 'regular' mom who could be your neighbor use products to decide if they are right for you. Seeing them on a model is not quite the same thing. (I am always sure I could never duplicate their looks since they usually have professional makeup artists applying their 'face.')

I second Julie's love for the Touch and Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes to highlight all over your face. This is that rare product you just can't get enough of! Buy one for your home, one for your purse, and one for your office so you always have some on hand.

Mascara is always a tricky purchase, everyone has their own 'must have' features. The Super Drama has a great brush that really separates lashes and lengthens them, perfect for my use. It comes in regular and waterproof. If you're buying waterproof be sure to pick up some eye makeup remover so your lashes don't take a beating as you try to remove it.

No matter what your makeup needs, call an Avon Rep today (that would be me, Nancy Ross Vecchione). You can shop my online store in the comfort of your home or I'll be glad to stop by and deliver a catalog to you or show you how to browse a catalog online.

Julie Meyers-Pron shows us all that there is no excuse to leave the house in the morning without putting on our 'face'--it just takes a few minutes to go from 'ho hum just rolled out of bed' to beauty. Let Avon help you 'put on your face' for the day.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Original Social Network

Social Networking. We all think of it as a new buzzword, but social networking has been around for years. One of the foremost companies that has been using social networking successfully is Avon. Yes, you heard me, Avon. You know, that woman who rings your doorbell and says "Avon calling."
Long before there was Facebook, Twitter, and the host of other current social networks were around, Avon had a huge network of Avon ladies connecting with their friends and neighbors by using their doorbell or knocking on their front door. They didn't need fancy computers, just a little shoe leather and determination. Every day they met new people, connected with old friends and family, they were in fact the precursors of Facebook et.al.
Can Avon survive the electronic social networking of today? They've been suffering some financial reverses in the last year, can they pull out of the slump?  Only time will tell. Can Avon survive the loss of confidence of Wall Street and investors?
What are some of the issues facing the Avon Representative of the 21st century? Fewer and fewer women are at home during the day so fewer women are there to answer the door when the Avon Lady (or man) comes calling. This requires Avon's reps to adapt to the newer forms of social media and move to an online presence, book parties or other ways to move their business.
While Avon provides each representative with their own web page, it's not the same as talking to someone face to face. That one on one contact has been a big selling point for Avon. Also fewer representatives are looking for a part time job. More and more women are working full time outside the home because they need the benefits or the full time salary, something Avon will find hard to beat.
Another problem Avon faces is the arrival of Walmart in more and more communities. Not only does Walmart frequently beat the prices in other businesses, but it also is fighting for it's share of the cosmetic business. And they want a piece of Avon's business. How Avon meets these challenges will likely effect the long term success of the company.
Marketing prof at Wharton, Peter Fader suggests Avon needs to return to focusing on it's customer base. He is quoted as saying "Avon has a gift which it does not fully appreciate." He suggests they focus less on brand and 'wishy washy things' and go back to basics, leveraging it's rich understanding of customers.
Today with the advent of electronic social media, companies everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon of customer-centric business models. They are making a better effort to understand their customers and identify their wants and needs, as well as their most valuable customers. Avon has always done this.
Companies are also using social media to promote their companies and their products. They want to benefit from the word-of-mouth marketing. It is very easy with today's Facebook and other social media. Avon did this early on by turning their frequent buyers into full sales reps where they could turn their personal product knowledge into sales tools.
Avon's new website acknowledges their early social networking with a section titled "Empowerment and Social Networking Long Before Facebook." Avon reps today are right in the middle of today's social networking businesses and are still selling cosmetics and fragrances to people they know through personal relationships. 
Avon still needs to work on using electronic social media to promote sales. Their blogs on their reps websites are difficult to use, importing photos of products is cumbersome. Some of their social media buttons to direct customers to a reps websites are hard to get to work without multiple calls for assistance. Meanwhile rivals like Sephora.com, Drugstore.com and Mary Kay are ahead of them online. Avon needs to embrace the world of tablets and smart phones to make purchasing easy and fast for women on the go.
So let's go Avon. You were there first, let's not be last out of the gate in the new electronic social media.
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